cropped-libparlor.pngThe Librarian* Parlor (aka LibParlor or #libparlor)  is a space for conversing, sharing expertise, and asking questions about the process of developing, pursuing, and publishing library research. New library professionals face a number of challenges as they consider a research agenda including inexperience, difficulty finding mentors, and lack of institutional support. LibParlor aims to address these challenges in part by collecting and showcasing honest reflections, conversations, and tutorials from library professionals engaged in library research. These submissions feature helpful research methodologies, common challenges, in progress work, and failures as equally as successes. In providing this space, LibParlor aims to support the development of a welcoming community of new researchers.

LibParlor was created and started in August 2017 by four new library professionals: Hailley Fargo, Katlyn Griffin, Chelsea Heinbach, and Charissa Powell.

As white women in instruction librarian positions, the Editorial Team can only offer a limited viewpoint on these issues and we work to proactively to engage a diverse set of perspectives. We aim to provide space for those with different work experience such as non-tenure track librarians, technical services librarians, and library workers without the librarian title, as well as those with different lived experiences, such as people with disabilities, librarians of color, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ folks.

If you are interested in submitting work to LibParlor, please review our Contribute to LibParlor page. If you have a direct question you would like us to address, please email us, or ask the community at large on twitter utilizing the #libparlor hashtag.

Meet the rest of the current LibParlor Team by visiting our “Team” page.

*We do not use the term librarian in order to signal that you must hold an MLIS to contribute to the community. All library workers are encouraged to contribute to The Librarian Parlor, and we actively seek to represent a diversity of experiences.



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