LibParlor Classifieds are a way to connect with members of the community to discuss research. Use this page to browse opportunities or consider posting a classifieds yourself. There are three types of classifieds: 

  1. Seek Connections. You’re looking for others who are interested in the same research topic or research method. You’re looking to connect but not have a specific project in mind. 
  2. Share Opportunities. You’ve got something, research-related, that you’d like to share with a larger audience. This could be a book chapter proposal, request to take a survey, or participate in a panel/webinar/workshop.
  3. Build Collaborations. You’ve got a project in mind and you’re looking for a collaborator(s). You want to find others who are interested in the same topic and have the space to work on a project with you. This could be a conference proposal, or a long term research project. 

Classifieds are posted on the 1st and 15th of each month in a blog post, and will remain on this page for a length of time that you specify. Questions can be directed to Please fill out our Google Form to see your classifieds on this page!

Current Classifieds

Seeking ConnectionsSharing OpportunitiesBuilding Collaborations

Seeking Connections

Nina Exner, Research Data Librarian at Virigina Commonwealth University, seeks community to build a monthly librarian-researchers virtual discusson meetup. Nina knows a lot about this topic and would like to build this group. Interested? Contact Nina via her Twitter (@z669_e9) or email (

Deborah Cooper, Digital and Special Collections Librarian, Mann Library at Cornell, would like to conduct original research with the intent to publish. Interested in most aspects of special collections and digital collections; particular interest in STEM issues, instruction and primary source pedagogy (but not limited to that); also interested in themes related to second-career librarianship and inter-generational issues. Interested? Email Deborah at

Christina Norton, Online Learning Librarian, is interested in mindfulness and how it’s being used by different people in different library contexts – individual library workers, administrators, in the literature, etc. Christina sees connections between mindfulness and the call for individual “resilience” but also to collective projects like #mindfulinlis and thinks this is all interesting and would like to explore it formally somehow. Interested? Email Christina at

Sharing Opportunities

No opportunities posted at this time.

Building Collaborations

No collaborations posted at this time.