LibParlor Classifieds are a way to connect with members of the community to discuss research. Use this page to browse opportunities or consider posting a classifieds yourself. There are three types of classifieds: 

  1. Seek Connections. You’re looking for others who are interested in the same research topic or research method. You’re looking to connect but not have a specific project in mind. 
  2. Share Opportunities. You’ve got something, research-related, that you’d like to share with a larger audience. This could be a book chapter proposal, request to take a survey, or participate in a panel/webinar/workshop.
  3. Build Collaborations. You’ve got a project in mind and you’re looking for a collaborator(s). You want to find others who are interested in the same topic and have the space to work on a project with you. This could be a conference proposal, or a long term research project. 

Classifieds are posted on the 1st and 15th of each month in a blog post, and will remain on this page for a length of time that you specify. Questions can be directed to Please fill out our Google Form to see your classifieds on this page!

Current Classifieds

Seeking ConnectionsSharing OpportunitiesBuilding Collaborations

Seeking Connections

If you’re interested in research around ebooks, streaming media, and other electronic resources, Samantha Thompson-Franklin (Electronic Resources Librarian at University of Idaho Library) would like to connect! Email them at

From Kelleen Maluski: Come be a part of our writing/projecting group! These are regularly scheduled Zoom sessions where people can spend time working on their writing, special projects, etc. and have a community of accountability. These sessions will start with 1 minute each to discuss your projects or goals and end with a wrap up of how the process went. There should be about an hour total of writing/projecting time and we will also create breakout rooms if people want to discuss their work more and/or have writing partners. Open to students and all library workers. More information and how to join here.

Nina Exner, Research Data Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University, seeks community to build a monthly librarian-researchers virtual discussion meetup. Nina knows a lot about this topic and would like to build this group. Interested? Contact Nina via her Twitter (@z669_e9) or email (

Sharing Opportunities

Announcing the launch of the International Visualize Your Thesis (VYT) 2023 Program!

Expressions of interest are open for institutions wishing to participate in the 2023 VYT program, facilitated by the University of Melbourne, and now in its fifth year on the international stage. Graduate Researchers are tasked with creating a 60 second video that explains their research to a non-specialist audience. By treating this video as a proxy research output, they learn core information and digital literacy skills along the way, including elements of the research lifecycle and the importance of online engagement of the research to wide audiences.

Deadline: 6/5/23

For more questions:

Submissions are being accepted on an ongoing basis for upcoming issues of Catholic Library World

Catholic Library World is the official journal of the Catholic Library Association. Established in 1929, CLW is an international refereed quarterly journal. CLW publishes articles that focus on all aspects of librarianship, especially as it relates to Catholicism and Catholic Studies. CLW articles are intended for an audience that is interested in the broad role and impact of various types of libraries, including, but not limited to academic, public, theological, parish and church libraries, and school libraries. CLW respects diverse Christian traditions as well as non-Christian and welcomes relevant articles from a variety of religious traditions.

The preferred method for submitting manuscripts is as a word-processed attachment in e-mail. Author’s full name, affiliation, and e-mail address must accompany any manuscript submission.

Articles should provide something new to the existing literature. The word count should be 3500- 5000 words and should adhere to The Chicago Manual of Style (humanities is preferred). The style should be accessible and well-documented.

Submission deadline: Submissions are ongoing. For more information, please visit this website:

Building Collaborations

Samantha Thompson-Franklin, Electronic Resources Librarian at University of Idaho Library, is working on a project surveying academic libraries who are considering a change to their liaison librarian structure. Samantha’s strengths are in lit review/Research and drafting in Qualtrics. If you’re interested in working on this topic, email!