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Research through a Critical Lens: #LibParlor #critlib mashup #1

A screen shot of a retweet. The original tweet says "Reflect on theory to inform action #critlib" and the retweet says "All day every day #critlib"

Back at the beginning of January, the LibParlor Editorial team decided to propose some #critlib chats. Our goal was to explore the process and theory behind conducting research through a critical lens. Our first chat, “Doing critlib research” happened on January 9th, 2018. This was our first time running a critlib chat, and we were a little nervous.

But, armed with notes, alarms set for moving through the discussion questions, and our Slack channel open, the LibParlor team was ready to roll. During our hour, we covered a lot of ground. Below is just a sampling of our conversation — enjoy!

Q1. How did you get involved with critlib and what kind of #critlib-related research are you working on right now or hope to work on soon?


Q2. How does #critlib pedagogy influence your research and how do you incorporate critical approach in your research?

Q3. What’s the most influential #critlib theory/book/article you’ve read and how has it impacted your research and day to day work as a librarian?

And don’t worry, we got a list of all the books and articles recommended, and we hope to display these in our soon-to-be-created resource page!

Q4. Have you received any pushback from colleagues about doing #critlib-related research? How have you handled these conversations? How would you hope to handle them if this happened to you?

Q5. What do you hope to achieve with #critlib research?

And with that, our hour was up

We were even lucky to find some excellent bonus tweets the next day!

Thanks to all of you who participated in our chat. I don’t know about you, but this chat really got us excited about the possibilities and opportunities for research with a critical librarianship lens.

Don’t miss our second #LibParlor #critlib mashup chat, all about publishing, whiteness, and inequities. The conversation starts Tuesday, February 6th at 6pm Pacific / 7pm Mountain / 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern.

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