A picture of three pineapples wearing birthday hats and balloons are around them
Editor Note

LibParlor Turns Two!

LibParlor celebrates another great year as we continue to grow our team.

Two years ago, we launched LibParlor. Another year has gone by and LibParlor continues to grow. Some of our highlights include:

We also hosted a lovely meetup at ACRL 2019 and finally got a group photo of a majority of the team. 

A group picture of the LibParlor team.
The LibParlor Team at ACRL 2019. From L to R: Suzy Wilson, Paige Sundstrom, Charissa Powell, Hailley Fargo, Nimisha Bhat, Chelsea Heinbach, Symphony Brue, and Grace Haynes

Finally, since our last birthday post, we have…

  • Worked with 35 new writers 
  • Published 44 new posts around research
  • Welcomed 12,262 visitors to the blog
  • Received 33,561 views on our content

We are so thankful for the LIS community that has supported us, through writing posts, sharing our work with others, and championing this project. We look forward to seeing how LibParlor continues to grow in our third year. 

And, we want to keep hearing from you! Consider writing for us or let us know what research content you’d like to see on the blog! 

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