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Classifieds Editor Note

Introducing LibParlor Classifieds

The Editorial Team is pleased to announce our newest feature -- LibParlor Classifieds. We hope this helps connect our community in a new way!

Since starting LibParlor, one request we’ve regularly received was to offer a space for creating connections between our community. A space where our community of researchers could connect with one another to share ideas, recruit participants for a survey, or find a new collaborator for a research project. Because we’ve all had those moments where we decide to tackle a research project and think, “What methodology will I use?” or “Who else is doing this research?” 

We’d like to introduce LibParlor Classifieds, a spot to seek connections, share opportunities, and build collaborations. Information on these three categories is below. Twice a month, on the 1st and 15th,  we’ll be posting our classifieds and helping connect folks together. Stay tuned for these opportunities or consider submitting one yourself, through our Google Form

  • Seek Connections. You’re looking for others who are interested in the same research topic or research method. You’re looking to connect but do not have a specific project in mind. 
  • Share Opportunities. You’ve got something, research-related, that you’d like to share with a larger audience. This could be a book chapter proposal, request to take a survey, or participate in a panel/webinar/workshop.
  • Build Collaborations. You’ve got a project in mind and you’re looking for a collaborator(s). You want to find others who are interested in the same topic and have the space to work on a project with you. This could be a conference proposal, or a long term research project. 

We’re really excited for the Classifieds to come to life. In a time of uncertainty, we hope that you can use this new feature to build your community. 

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