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LibParlor Classifieds – 12/15/20

Check out our two new Classifieds of 2020! A call for proposals for a special issue of a journal and seeking collaborators for a research project on chat services.

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Call for Proposals: Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship (CJAL) Special Issue on Refusing Crisis Narratives

A state of crisis is often considered a core, if ambiguous, element of librarianship (Radford and Radford 2001; Seale and Mirza 2019). John Buschman (2003) has argued that the profession thrives on a “culture of crisis,” while Emily Drabinski (2016) has pointed out that “for librarianship, the present is always exceptional and always requires exceptional attention to take action for the coming future.” Given the current state of the world, marked by the intersecting crises of climate change, pandemic, economic collapse, intensified violence against oppressed peoples, and the end of American hegemony, librarianship tends to rely on tried-and-true narratives of crisis: resilience, doing more with less, finding the opportunity within crisis, and returning to core values, to name a few.

We seek articles that explore the tensions within librarianship between crisis and opportunity, refusal and a service ethic, resistance and collaboration. As the interlocking crises of 21st century racial and patriarchal capitalism deepen and become more acute, we seek articles looking to move academic librarianship’s self-understanding beyond the usual narratives.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to sound out some ideas.

Contact for questions: can.j.acad.lib@gmail.com

To learn more: https://cjal.ca/index.php/capal/announcement/view/797


Erin Owens, Professor / Access & Interlibrary Services Coordinator and Scholarly Communications Librarian, Sam Houston State University is seeking collaborators for a research project. Erin would like to investigate to what extent patrons of academic libraries use the library’s live chat services to obtain non-library campus information (for example, information about registration, fees, campus offices, faculty, etc.). They are interested in coding chat transcripts for this information and then comparing it across two or more academic institutions for more impactful results.

Erin is seeking individuals working in academic libraries (regardless of status/classification) who would have both capability and permission to access their library’s live chat transcripts for coding and analysis. They are open to working with collaborators from either 4-year or 2-year institutions, whether public or private.

Erin has been a faculty librarian for 13+ years and published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, with an emphasis on users and library technology. Their past research experience includes coding and evaluating SMS/text virtual reference transcripts, which will usefully inform this project. You can view Erin’s ORCID researcher profile at http://orcid.org/0000-0001-9520-9314. Erin has taken the leadership role in most of these past projects, and they feel confident and well-positioned to see this project to successful completion and publication if able to connect with enthusiastic collaborators. 

Are you interested? Get in touch with Erin at: eowens@shsu.edu

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