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Introducing: LibParlor Webinars!

A new way to submit with us.

LibParlor is delighted to announce a new submission format to our platform — webinars! As an alternative to a written post about research, you will now be able to submit a proposal as a free webinar hosted and moderated by LibParlor. If you have an idea for a panel session, a roundtable, or a solo presentation on a research-related topic that you think fits better as a webinar than a blog post, article, or conference proposal, submit with us! We hope this will expand how members of our community are able to share their work, and provide a professional development opportunity for those who would like more experience presenting. 

To roll out our new webinar format, we’ll be hosting Walking the Talk: Modeling Practice Through Open Monograph Publishing on Thursday, April 22nd at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern with panelists Melissa Wong, Laura Saunders, Dan Tracy, and Rebecca Graham:

As part of a field that advocates for open access, LIS faculty should consider publishing their own works on open platforms as a way to improve access, to learn the systems more deeply, and to model practice for their students. 

In this session, our panelists will walk participants through the process of developing and producing an open access book, from the initial proposal through production and publication. The panel will include published authors of both traditional and open-platform texts who have experience with single-authored projects and collaborative books. Additionally, members of this panel have expertise in open publishing, library-based publishing services, and accessibility and universal design in publishing. Presenters will discuss reasons for considering open access and will address some of the main concerns of creating an open access book, including finding a publisher and choosing a publishing platform, reconceptualizing editorial responsibilities, dealing with production elements like layout, addressing universal design and accessibility issues, and marketing the finished publication. 

Register via Zoom here. This webinar will be recorded and shared on our website. 

We look forward to your webinar ideas! Let us know if you have any questions below or at

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