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LibParlor Classifieds – 5/1/22

Check out our new Classifieds! Have you heard of the Library Writing Cooperative yet? If not, this is a Classifieds you will want to check out.

LibParlor Classifieds are a way to connect with members of the community to discuss research. Please fill out our Google Form to see your classifieds in the future!


Library Writing Cooperative:  First Draft Matchmaker

We’d like to highlight an opportunity for individuals to share their first-drafts of a publication or writing endeavor. The Library Writing Cooperative, organized by and for library workers, offers a First Draft Matchmaker service to match volunteer reviewers with writers for supportive and nonjudgmental feedback that can improve the writing process prior to submission at a journal, conference proposal, or trade publication and to encourage many voices to participate in the professional conversation. We invite and encourage participation from those new to writing for the library and information science profession and those who have previously authored works. No prior publication experience is necessary. Reviewers can give your op-ed, essay, article, case study, research papers or conference proposals a thoughtful read and offer suggestions. To learn more, please visit the Library Writing Cooperative’s website, twitter, or email them at libwrtcoop@gmail.com.

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