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Publishing, Whiteness, and Inequities: #LibParlor #critlib mashup #2

In January the LibParlor Editorial team proposed two different #critlib chats. The first one covered “Research through a Critical Lens” and happened on January 9th, 2018. For a quick recap, take a look at our previous recap post. The second chat was on February 6, 2018 on the topic of publishing, whiteness, and inequalities and was moderated by Chelsea Heinbach, Charissa Powell, and Charlotte Rock. We are so appreciative to Charlotte for lending her expertise and co-hosting this talk with us!

As a note, there were a bunch of great threads in some of the tweets below, so make sure to check out threads further on Twitter!

Q1. What are some historical and current inequities in publishing? #critlib

Infographic describing the percentage of children's books by and or about people of color (from 1994-2016)
Infographic featured in the blog post entitled, “The Diversity Gap in Children’s Book Publishing, 2017” posted to Twitter from Zoe Fisher.

Q2. How have you seen these inequities play out in your work in libraries? #critlib

Q3. How can library workers strive to make publishing more equitable in our role as purchasers, authors, and influencers? #critlib

Q4. How can library workers strive to make publishing more equitable as researchers themselves? #critlib

Q5. How will you actively work against these inequities using what you learned in this chat today? #critlib

There were some awesome threads and some really great questions posed during the chat. Make sure you click on three threads below to view their FULL content in over in Twitter.

Our hour went by fast and to wrap up we asked folks for some #critpitches:

Thank you to everyone who participated in our second LibParlor #critlib mash up! The discussion was great and we learned a lot from everyone. If you have an idea for a #critlib chat, propose it here! You can always put some of their upcoming chats on your calendar. If you’d like to write for LibParlor, find out more here.

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